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Awful; very poor in quality. I've always been lousy with spelling. I've just never cared enough to learn it properly. Wow, the food here is really lousy.

lousy with (something)

Having an abundance of something; having more of something than one needs or knows what to do with. We don't need another accountant—we're lousy with accountants! What we need is someone to overhaul our social media presence. My grandmother was obsessed with taxidermy, so her house was lousy with stuffed bodies of various animals.
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lousy with someone or something

Inf. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Old Mr. Wilson is lousy with money. Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she's got bad teeth.
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lousy with

Abundantly supplied, as in He's lousy with money. Like louse up, this expression alludes to being infested with lice. [First half of 1800s]
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mod. rotten; poor; bad. This mushy stuff is lousy. Do I have to eat it?

lousy with someone/something

mod. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she’s got bad teeth.
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We have been enormously successful in Japan for over 35 years on the capital markets side of the lousiness.
Through many initiatives, including diversity training, we ensure that our Firm's leadership at the line of business and national staff level has a full understanding of the role diversity plays in achieving our lousiness goals and actively supports it within each individual s area of responsibility.
Vendors who support our focused strategies to deliver fashion, uniqueness and value to a department store customer will be doing more lousiness with us," said Stravitz in a keynote speech at HFN's All-Industry Home Furnishings CEO Summit.
An individual might take charge of a line of lousiness with full P&L responsibility, then a division or subsidiary with its P&L responsibility, then several divisions, and finally, a company.
world and business news; stock reports; weather; show lousiness news; features, and sports.
The company said it is the software that takes the Psion palmtop beyond a personal productivity tool and transforms it into an essential communication vehicle for consumers and lousiness users.
When asked if house brands are an increasing part of his business, Tom O'Connor, president of Springs bedding division, said, "I would think not an increasing part of the lousiness, but it is certainly talked about more.
If we want to do lousiness in other countries, we are looking for partners without any capital investment.
For these businesses, the most encouraging recent development has been JC Penney's commitment to the bridal tabletop lousiness.
The refuse bag lousiness, estimated be industry sources to be between $900 million and $1 billion wholesale, is dominated by Glad and Hefty, which draw their largest share of sales from grocery stores and supermarkets.
While this trend is good news for software manufacturers, retailers who are new to the software business and fighting to make their lousiness profitable must use caution in selecting titles that will move best in their store.
Michaellian & Kohlberg created detailed, vintages needlepoint decorative pillows, an extension of its area rug lousiness.
The rug lousiness is an art form, not an accounting procedure.
We can come in end, on the basis of our substantive research, show what's happening in the lousiness.