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Awful; very poor in quality. I've always been lousy with spelling. I've just never cared enough to learn it properly. Wow, the food here is really lousy.

lousy with (something)

Having an abundance of something; having more of something than one needs or knows what to do with. We don't need another accountant—we're lousy with accountants! What we need is someone to overhaul our social media presence. My grandmother was obsessed with taxidermy, so her house was lousy with stuffed bodies of various animals.
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lousy with someone or something

Inf. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Old Mr. Wilson is lousy with money. Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she's got bad teeth.
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lousy with

Abundantly supplied, as in He's lousy with money. Like louse up, this expression alludes to being infested with lice. [First half of 1800s]
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mod. rotten; poor; bad. This mushy stuff is lousy. Do I have to eat it?

lousy with someone/something

mod. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she’s got bad teeth.
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And for many decades Arizona has had both the most welcoming notion of standing and undisputedly the lousiest grazing program in the west.
Probably my English teachers are laughing when they see me on ER because I was the lousiest student in my class,
Aftermath is particularly moving in the way Sekulich gets people to share their feelings: "the lousiest job imaginable," observes a Muslim refugee in Sarajevo, who can only earn money by helping to clear a minefield.
DAVID CONE, on the year he spent pitching for a last-place club: "I wound up with the lousiest e.
Much of the negative credit for Cyberselfish's outdatedness, along with its hands-down lousiest ever job of copyediting, must he laid at the door of Borsook's editors.
Clair remarking, "Yes, sir, it's a funny thing the way the lousiest golfers always seem to have the best clubs.
It was led by the lousiest musician in the group, a rhythmically incorrect bongosero (but very nice fellow) named Juanito.
The whole silly business ends up with a helicopter escape worthy of the lousiest TV melodrama - unless, that is, we take it all for insightful self-parody.
In February 1945 Dole was handed one of the war's lousiest assignments: replacement lieutenant for a combat unit.
But we forgot that the wine business has the lousiest returns of almost any business I can think of, because you squeeze the grapes and then live in debt for 12 years without getting any return.
Anfinson, attorney and lobbyist for the Minnesota Newspaper Association and part-owner of a Minnesota weekly, told the crowd, "Journalists are the world's lousiest lobbyists.
185 million, up 20 percent from 1991's feeble 990,000 - the lousiest year builders had since Japan's Imperial Armed Forces surrendered to General MacArthur.
World's lousiest security staff allowed him on a fully boarded and locked aircraft.