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lounge lizard

A man who frequents bars and clubs in an attempt to meet women. Primarily heard in US. That dive bar is filled with nothing but troublemakers and lounge lizards.
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lounge around (some place)

to pass time idly some place. I am going to lounge around the house this morning. Don't lounge around all day.
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lounge lizard

A man interested in snaring a wealthy woman. The phrase was first heard after World War I, when it was applied to musicians who performed in supper clubs and kept an eye out for susceptible women of means. As the century progressed, a man didn't have to be a musician; any well-dressed predatory male earned that phrase. Some say “lizard” referred to reptile shoes that were popular footwear; other say the word applies to the men's low-life character. “Lounge lizard” is the male equivalent of “gold digger.”
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References in classic literature ?
Eady and his assistant were both "down street," and young Denis, who seldom deigned to take their place, was lounging by the stove with a knot of the golden youth of Starkfield.
He continued lounging on the sofa, and alternately closing his eyes and looking at his watch and at me, till bed-time, when I rose, and took my candle and retired.
James Harthouse smiled; and rising from his end of the sofa, and lounging with his back against the chimney-piece, so that he stood before the empty fire-grate as he smoked, in front of Tom and looking down at him, observed:
He then walked home pretty easily, though not yet free from an impression of the presence and influence of his new friend - as if he were lounging somewhere in the air, in the same negligent attitude, regarding him with the same look.
He lounged along moodily, and stopped at Charing Cross to look about him, with as little interest in the crowd as any man might take, and was lounging on again, when a most unexpected object caught his eyes.
The lounge features well laid-out business, dining, lounging facilities and TV areas in addition to offering panoramic views of the runway.
Take a break, go lounging Airline lounges may just be the place for a quick coffee or email Airports are frequently the epitome of frantic activity, with frequent travellers running to catch a last-minute flight while not-so-frequent travellers enjoy their time shopping or grabbing a bite.
Located on the upper level is a spacious comfort area with lounging armchairs and a quiet zone for relaxing plus a bistro area where guests can fortify themselves with various snacks or help themselves to the breakfast buffet with hold and cold dishes.
The subterranean club will include custom-designed furnishings and finishes, mosaic tiled walls, Chinese dragons, dramatic lighting, LED illuminated glass columns, lounging beds, an intriguing fire and water feature and a spectacular 4-foot, full color animated hologram.
We believe in joining hands with Plaza Premium Lounge, we shall deliver a unique lounging experience to the passengers from Oman".
Accessed by a high-speed lobby elevator, the sleek, chic Ghostbar offers lounging luxury amid an ethereal color scheme of silver, white, greens and grays.
For instance, artwork is by local artist, Wanda Koop, and the huge fireplace that separates the dining area from the lounging area is made up of the particularly decorative limestone thatOs only found in Tyndall, Manitoba.