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lounge lizard

A man who frequents bars and clubs in an attempt to meet women. Primarily heard in US. That dive bar is filled with nothing but troublemakers and lounge lizards.
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lounge around

To relax or spend time idly; to do nothing or very little. It's a gorgeous day outside, so I don't want you kids lounging around the house all day. I can't wait to go on my vacation and just lounge around on the beach for two weeks!
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lounge around (some place)

to pass time idly some place. I am going to lounge around the house this morning. Don't lounge around all day.
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lounge lizard

A man interested in snaring a wealthy woman. The phrase was first heard after World War I, when it was applied to musicians who performed in supper clubs and kept an eye out for susceptible women of means. As the century progressed, a man didn't have to be a musician; any well-dressed predatory male earned that phrase. Some say “lizard” referred to reptile shoes that were popular footwear; other say the word applies to the men's low-life character. “Lounge lizard” is the male equivalent of “gold digger.”
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We are thrilled to be working with American Express to bring The Centurion Lounge to Terminal 4, said Gert-Jan de Graaff, President and CEO of JFKIAT, the company which operates Terminal 4.
Other North American lounges fared very well in the final two categories, with Turkish Airlines' Lounge in Washington DC winning Best Quality of Refreshments.
The lounge was also highly commended in the Best Business Facilities category.
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In its lounges and in the air, Etihad Airways aims to provide a seamless hospitality experience with the same high levels of innovation, care, attention to detail and service delivery guests have come to expect from its people and brand.
Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' Chief Executive Officer, said: "Our new First Class Lounge & Spa is the jewel in the crown of our new lounge offerings worldwide and represents the best of our home city of Abu Dhabi.
18 (Petra) Royal Jordanian's Crown Lounge, at Queen Alia International Airport, was named the winner of the Africa & Middle East Lounge of the Year Award 2015, by Priority Pass, part of the Collinson Group.
Virgin Money's chief executive, Jayne-Anne Gadhia, commented "Our Lounges offer a perfect example of how we are different to other UK banks and how committed we are to delivering a unique and brilliant service to our customers.
Etihad Airways has officially reopened its newly-refurbished first and business class lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport's Terminal 1.
Malaysia Airlines has 11 Golden Lounges at major airports around the world and Malaysia.
Quinto Lounge, opposite Cambaz in Birmingham Road, is the latest venue in the city for the Bristol-based Loungers group.
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Nearly 60,000 Priority Pass members voted based on their experiences of the programme's lounges globally and against a set of criteria for lounge quality, including refreshments, staff, business facilities and overall ambience.
And mother-of-one Lyndsey Steven from Dubai said: "I was genuinely impressed with the Gulf Air lounges.