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They can take a hot shower, buy drinks and snacks in the cafe, or cook for themselves, but they have to leave by nine in the morning and are not re-admitted until five, so they cannot lounge around all day.
During the day, guests lounge around the spacious oceanfront pool, enjoying cool drinks at the Tiki bar.
He also loves to lounge around, preferably on the couch.
1 This floral print kimono style robe will let you lounge around in luxury.
Why should the tax payer pay for low life to lounge around in jail?
Mintel fashion expert Tamara Sender said: "People are looking for a 'third wardrobe' to wear at home after coming home from work and to lounge around in before going to bed.
Visitors would be able to lounge around the house, have lunch at the terraces and a dinner party.
Kimberley always jumps into her pyjamas and I just wear shorts and lounge around the house watching Friends which she has got me hooked on.
While some may hit the beach, many of us will be retreating to our back yards to lounge around the pool and throw some grub on the grill.
LOUNGE around this Christmas in a pair of comfy velour PJ's as modelled by Zoe Ball for M&S.
This summer, Garfield will answer your phone whilst you lounge around the pool or lie in the hammock.
Here's a thought: if prisons were places people wanted to avoid, rather than places to lounge around in front of Premier League football, perhaps would-be convicts would be less inclined to inflict their crimes on the rest of us in the first place.
Crooks unable to graft because workshops are full are being given taxpayer cash to lounge around.
MY boyfriend is about to move into a new flat with a friend and is looking for a blue sofa that they can lounge around on.