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Huber used a new approach: The patients were asked to speak louder while a recording of background "multitalker babble noise" was played.
"Grunting is one thing but the shrill sound that you hear with players nowadays and especially they get louder when they hit a winner, that's the thing that I observe as a player," said Evert, in Sydney with husband Greg Norman on Monday.
In contrast, the 57 heterosexual women's ears made significantly louder sounds, on average, than those of the 61 homosexual or bisexual women.
Also, the study indicated that teens play their music louder than young adults, and teens may inaccurately perceive how loud they are playing their music.
John Botwright, 71, heard "a noise louder than a bomb explosion".
"It got louder and louder and louder, and then just came crashing through.
The little fridge achieves that feat by blasting a sustained, deafening tone at 160 decibels - 10,000 times louder than a rock concert - into a mixture of inert gases.
She said: "It was like the volume got louder and louder and louder on the suicidal thing.
But the frog Physalaemus cuvieri calls in a similar range at many of the same ponds, and its song is about 40 decibels louder. Taking advantage of the fact that very little sound crosses the air-water interface, L.
The reception to the video was a lot louder and more enthusiastic than that given to the team as they lost 3-1.
But tones produced in the lab had to be much louder to bring triazolam subjects out of their sleep.
Tory Peter Luff had criticised the pair for urging kids to shout "bogeys" louder and louder in public then phone in to tell viewers about the experience.
The researchers found that although the blackboard itself produces very little sound, a stiff, smooth board permits chalk to radiate louder sounds than a pliant, rough board.
The researchers found that by sending the light in pulses at a rate that matches a bubble's resonance frequency, they amplified the oscillations, making the resulting sound waves even "louder.'
But the mobile not only kept ringing - it seemed to get louder.