lots of love (from)

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lots of love (from)

A common closing of a letter or message to a friend, relative, or romantic partner for whom one feels love. I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Lots of love, Jenny Thank you so much for your lovely gift. We all hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Lots of love from Mark, Mary, Paul and Sean
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ˈlove from


lots of ˈlove (from)

(written, informal) used at the end of a letter to a friend or to somebody you love, followed by your name: Lots of love, Jenny
See also: love
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I love you all the world lots of love your princess Isabella x ALLEN SUSAN Happy Mother's Day Mum enjoy your day lots of love from your boys Corey and Owen xxx ALLEN SUSAN Happy Mother's Day to our auntie/godmother Susan lots of love from Megan Alisha Leah and Frankie xxx ALMOND EILEEN Happy mothers day to our Fab Nan!
Lots of love from Mummy, Daddy, Riley, Reece, Luna, Nana and Papa, Granny and Papa Mel xxx AVAH BELLE RENWICK Have fun little lady on your 1st day in primary one.
Special Grandad From Eilidh Pops xx 23/6/41 To step-dad papa and husband have a great day lots of love from the gang and Liz xxxxx From all the gang and Liz xxxxxxxx COLIN CAMERON Happy Fathers Day Love you loads Nicola xxx ALAN CRAIG Happy Fathers Day Papa Love you - Niamh & Finn xx JAMES ANTHONY MALLAM Aka Don Mallam Have a great Fathers Day Dad.
Lots of love from your Xander Boy xx BONSON GEORGE Sending fathers day wishes up to heaven love and miss you always love Linda xxx BONSON GEORGE Grandad Sending fathers day wishes to heaven miss you love Mandy Alan + Vicky x BRECKON GRAHAM Happy Father's Day dad love Elliot & grace xx BROWN EDDIE My dad,My hero,My bank manager Happy fathers day Love Jodie x BROWN EDDIE Happy fathers day Grandad,love Sienna,Clayton, Nancy,Louie BROWN EDDIE Happy fathers day dad, Enjoy your break away, You deserve it Love Ross, Kerris x BROWN EDDIE Happy fathers day, Grandad, love you Love Archie B x BROWN ROSS Happy fathers day, To the world's best dad, Love you loads, Love Archie B x BURNS ROBERT Happy Father's Day DAD Your my Hero Dad.
Lots of Love from Emmie xxx BAILES NORMAN Happy Father's Day Dad /Granda...
Lots of love from Calum, Elise and Holly-mae xxxx Reynolds Sean Happy Father's Day Dad.
Lots of love Ollie & Lola x HUGHES Victoria Happy mothers day to the best mum in the world love Sean and Caitlin xxx JAMES Lisa Happy mothers day love you millions love serenmarie xx IFILL amanda To my beautiful wife have a wonderful mothers day lots of love from your husband mark IFILL amanda To my beautiful daughter have a wonderful mothers day love you to bits IFILL Amanda We love you mum more than words can express.
Lots of Love from your grandsons and son XXX PERKS Suzanne Nan Happy mother's day nanny Lots of love and kiss from kayden xxxx RABBIT Mamma MF Cooper Happy Mother's Day to a special wife and mummy.
Smith Antony Happy 1st Father's Day to the best daddy, lots of love from your little princess Freya x Smith Dodge Happy Father's Day Dad& Grandad you're our hero All our love Sam Maya & Libby xxx Smith Mark Happy Father's Day dad, I love you!
Love and hugs and kisses Dracoa and Lucian xox ENAM HAQUE STIRCHLEY Dear Abu, Happy Father's Day, we hope you enjoy it and this message, Lots of love from Tasnim & Thamim X PAUL HARBISHER ERDINGTON Happy Father's Day to the best dad and grandad ever!!!!
We love you very much take care lots of love from Mum, Dad, Lynsey and Stacey.
"What will I do without your wonderful friendly greeting in future?" And he signed it "with lots of love from Charles."
Lots of love from Marc, Vickey, Daniel and Ted.xx BAINES DANNY To the best dad in the world happy Father's Day love your daughter Teresa xxx BAINES DANNY To the best great grandad ever Danny lots of love Conor, Joe, Elliot and Ethan xxx BAINES DANNY Happy Father's Day Grandad love Nett, Leon, David, Danielle, James, Rachael and Tony xxx BALMER JOHN Happy Fathers Day To Are Best Dad Have A Boss Day Dad We Love U from John Gillian & Jennie xxx BALMER JOHN Happy Fathers Day Mucker Thanks For Everything Have A Boss Day Love You Your Mucker!
xx KATHLEEN CONNELLY Nana, Happy Valentines Day Lots of love from your Grandson Anthony xx KAYLEE MCGARRIGLE Happy Valentines Day Love always and forever Lots of love from Marc.