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She is pushed along into the same lot with Tom and two other men, and goes off, weeping as she goes.
Lot 1 Algeria Lot 2 Argentina Lot 3 Cape Verde Lot 4 Chile Lot 5 Dominican Republic Lot 6 Ethiopia Lot 7 Ghana Lot 8 Guatemala Lot 9 Guinea Bissau Lot 10 Jordan Lot 11 Kenya Lot 12 Lebanon Lot 13 Malaysia Lot 14 Mauritius Lot 15 Mozambique Lot 16 Nigeria Lot 17 Panama Lot 18 Philippines Lot 19 Romania Lot 20 Senegal Lot 21 Singapore Lot 22 Sri Lanka Lot 23 Zambia
Pursuant to procedures established after a 1977 amendment to the Zoning Resolution, the zoning lots are merged by having the owners of the two (or more) lots execute a "declaration of zoning lot restrictions" declaring them to be one lot.
However, two lots representing the extremes of the melt-index specification range will produce different properties as well as different melt-index values for the resulting compound.
For almost 15 years, the city, as part of its economic diversification plan, has wanted to seize the opportunity to offer up the area's scenic beauty by assembling a package of waterfront lots around the dozens of lakes within the municipality's borders.
After hours of nailbiting suspense, I successfully outbid the rich and the famous to pledge pounds 29,053 for Lot Number Five - one of Di's favourite dresses.
Lot Details: Lot 1: Special Foundations: The benefits of this lot are specified in the applicable CCTP.
The audience, echoing the lots themselves, was a mixed bag of bidders and spectators.
Unused development or "air rights" cannot be transferred as-of-right from a zoning lot which previously received a use variance, according to a recent case decided by New York's highest court.
This contract is divided into lots: yes it is possible to submit tenders for all lots the contracting authority reserves the right to award contracts combining the following lots or groups of lots: none.
SO THE FIRST skatepark parking lot I'll be reviewing is the parking lot in my town, the Skatepark of Austin's parking lot.
Lot N 1 - sector 1 small structural work masonry plastering tiles