lose (one's) temper

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lose (one's) temper

To become angered, enraged, or upset due to some provocation; to have an outburst upon losing one's patience. I'm usually a pretty calm person, but whenever I start driving, I find I lose my temper at the slightest inconvenience. When we were kids, my dad lost his temper a lot, but he's mellowed out since then.
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lose one's temper (at someone or something)

Fig. to become angry at someone or something. Lisa lost her temper and began shouting at Bob. I hate to lose my temper at someone. I always end up feeling guilty.
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lose one's temper

Also, lose it. Give way to violent anger, lose self-control. For example, When she found out what Ann had done, she lost her temper, or He arrived without that important check, and then I just lost it completely. The first term dates from the early 1800s; the second slangy locution dates from the mid-1900s.
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keep/lose your ˈtemper (with somebody)

manage/fail to control your anger: You must learn to keep your temper.He loses his temper very quickly if you argue with him.
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References in classic literature ?
'May I inquire, sir,' pursued the injured woman, 'whether I am the unfortunate cause of your having lost your temper?'
"But you lost your temper after drinking far too much, armed yourself and then bizarrely called the police yourself and made threats of violence."
Judge Richard Griffith-Jones told him: "When she was not receptive to eating your mother's cooking with the appreciation you had hoped, you completely lost your temper. "You used weapons which were at hand; and in a bad-tempered and persistent attack you caused more than one wound and injured her in a distressing way because one of the blows caused her lung to collapse.
She added: "I will take into account the fact you were punched in the face before you lost your temper."
"When she protested at your uninvited arrival you struck her, lost your temper ...
"Sadly, Mrs Holdsworth, you lost your temper with Kyle on two occasions and that's the sad truth of this case," added the barrister.
Mr Latham repeated: ``You have just lost your temper with me, haven't you?'' Huntley replied: ``Yes.''
Mr Latham: "You just lost your temper with me, didn't you?"
Mr Latham repeated: "You have just lost your temper with me, haven't you?"
Mr Latham: 'You just lost your temper with me, didn't you?'
Mr Latham: ``You just lost your temper with me,didn't you?''
Mr Latham, 'You just lost your temper with me, didn't you?'
Judge Richard Twomlow jailed George for two years and eight months and told him: "You lost your temper."
The judge told him: "You lost your temper out of jealousy and went for her."
Later Mr Latham said: "You have just lost your temper with me, haven't you?"