lost without

lost without (someone or something)

Unable to function or understand things clearly without someone or something; helpless without someone or something. Ever since Mom died, I just feel like I'm lost without her. When it comes to repairing things, I'm usually lost without instructional videos. I'd be lost without my assistant—she's the only one who keeps my crazy life remotely organized.
See also: lost, without

lost without someone or something

unable to function without someone or something. I am just lost without you. The engineer is lost without his pocket computer.
See also: lost, without
References in classic literature ?
It was almost calm--at least, there was not wind enough to give us any prospect of escaping--so that when the galley came up to us, we thought ourselves lost without remedy, and had probably fallen into their hands had not a breeze sprung up just in the instant of danger, which carried us down the channel between the mainland and the isle of Babelmandel.
I suppose when the chains are struck off a prisoner he'd feel queer and lost without them for a while.
My brother would have been quite lost without Amy,' he returned.
The portier also wrote down each day's journey and the nightly hotel on a piece of paper, and made our course so plain that we should never be able to get lost without high-priced outside help.
They express a shade of the art which would be lost without them.
He has defrauded justice, and opposed his king and lawful master, for he opposed his just commands; he has, I say, robbed the galleys of their feet, stirred up the Holy Brotherhood which for many years past has been quiet, and, lastly, has done a deed by which his soul may be lost without any gain to his body.
I should be lost without you, Eugene; but you may be right.
A tinge of wildness in her aspect was derived from the black veil hanging like a rag against her cheek, and from the fixity of her black gaze where the light of the room was absorbed and lost without the trace of a single gleam.
The truth is, the Philippine government needs to answer for the more than 12,000 lives lost without due process in this brutal campaign across the country.
off the the spoke - I'm lost without James raised Newcastle, split the travel Dublin wee - I could not believe it.
Stokes' actions meant he missed the tour and it has been increasingly clear his team-mates are lost without him on the field.
The bodies live but the souls are lost without a future.
We rely on the much that we lost without it nothing to fall Josephine Fairwater It is all right for people to say we don't want to be told what to do by others, but we rely on the EU for so much that we would be lost without it and have nothing to fall back on.
The post Cameron is lost without EU telling him what to do appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
He says he would have been completely lost without his local food bank.