lose (one's) marbles

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lose (one's) marbles

To be or become mentally deficient, incompetent, or deranged; to become of unsound mind. My poor grandmother started losing her marbles after she had a stroke. I've been so sleep deprived lately that it feels like I've lost my marbles!
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lose (all) one's marbles

 and lose one's mind
Fig. to go crazy; to go out of one's mind. What a silly thing to say! Have you lost your marbles? Look at Sally jumping up and down and screaming. Is she losing all her marbles? I can't seem to remember anything. I think I'm losing my mind.
See also: lose, marble
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lose one's marbles

See also: lose, marble
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lose your marbles

If you lose your marbles, you become crazy. At 83 I haven't lost my marbles and my memory is, thank God, as clear as it ever was. People are talking about him as if he's lost his marbles. Note: You can also say that someone has all their marbles, meaning that they are not crazy. He's in his eighties but he clearly still has all his marbles.
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lose your marbles

go insane; become irrational or senile. informal
Marbles as a term for ‘a person's mental faculties’ probably originated as early 20th-century American slang. The underlying reference is apparently to the children's game played with multicoloured glass balls.
1998 Spectator At least, that is how I recall the event, but I am losing my marbles.
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lose your ˈmarbles

(informal) become crazy or mentally confused: They say the old man has lost his marbles because of the strange things he’s been saying, but I’m not so sure.
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lose one’s marbles

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Otherwise, if someone at Atletico has signed to pay almost PS70m for Costa, they have lost their marbles.
If the leader of the Welsh party or the leader of the Scottish party talked about 'Our Country' and the UK, and that they were going to govern it as one country, would anyone know if they had lost their marbles or if they were just playing with their swastikas ?
Have they lost their marbles? "When Heinz pulled the plug on the Aston factory, thousands of people were outraged.
Have Kirklees Council lost their marbles (that's if they had any to start with)?
Is it the anti-Facebook fever catching again or have the MPs lost their marbles?
Our leaders must have lost their marbles along with those CD-ROMs and laptops.
Clearly Abra's condition must be contagious - his colleagues, too, have lost their marbles. Otherwise one has to ask just why did they let the stark raving bonkers doc get in his hands on a scalpel in the first place?
Planners and councillors have lost their marbles! FRUSTRATED MOTORIST, by e-mail.
24, 1972, issue of HFD said, industry observers were split into two camps: "Those who thought the Brothers Gimbel had lost their marbles and those that thought it might be one of the shrewdest maneuvers made by the huge department store." On one issue everyone agreed: "It took a lot of chutzpah."
HAVE the powers that be completely lost their marbles?
He explains: 'There is an expression 'wire happy', where people completely lost their marbles and instead of being clever and taking months to plan their escape, just tried to climb over the wires at four o'clock in the afternoon and got shot down.
Championship spokeswoman Julia McCarthy-Fox said: "The British players have lost their marbles altogether.
THERE are so many people these days who, for one reason or another, have lost their marbles, writes Steve Palmer.
I AM still among the Tory faithful but I must once again ask the question: 'Have they lost their marbles?'