lose sleep

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lose sleep

To worry excessively about someone or something, perhaps to the point of literally being unable to sleep. Oh, those two argue all the time—it's nothing to lose sleep over. I hope you won't lose sleep over this issue with the printer. I'll call IT in the morning and see if they can fix it.
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lose sleep over someone or something

 and lose sleep about someone or something
Fig. to worry about someone or something a lot, sometimes when one should be sleeping. (Often used with any and the negative.) Yes, Kelly is in a little bit of trouble, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over her. Don't lose any sleep over the matter. I refuse to lose sleep about it.
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lose sleep over

Worry about, as in It's too bad the experiment failed, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. This expression, often put negatively, alludes to actual insomnia caused by anxiety. [First half of 1900s]
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lose sleep

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The research also revealed: |Sleep deprivation is the most stressful challenge about becoming a parent, second only to worries about children's health | 21% of new parents have taken a day off work in order to catch up on lost sleep, and |Children not following a TIRED OF IT Parents are suffering "bath, book, bed" routine are less relaxed at bedtime, get up more often during the night and get fed more frequently.
New research has shown that even a few days of lost sleep can have adverse effects, including increased daytime sleepiness, worsened daytime performance, an increase in molecules that are a sign of inflammation in the body, and impaired blood sugar regulation.
Half worried about poverty, war and the environment, while four in 10 lost sleep worrying about relationships with the opposite sex.
CATCHING up on lost sleep can cut the risk of diabetes, research suggests.
"Three hours of lost sleep can cause excessive sleepiness in some, so people will struggle to stay awake at work."
MONEY worries are the biggest cause of lost sleep, beating relationship problems and weight concerns, a survey reveals today.
The study by the Sleep Centre in Edinburgh for cruise company Ocean Village predicts almost half of us will take a sickie before January 22 due to lost sleep it causes.
PRESIDENT Bush's father, who fought the 1991 Iraq war, "lost sleep" over his son's plans for a conflict in 2003, a new book has claimed.
Four out of five said they had lost sleep so that they could continue to watch a programme.
Four in five said they had lost sleep to watch a programme.
KARACHI -- If you are someone who believes in catching up all the lost sleep hours on the weekends, a recent study suggests that it doesn't work that way.
Summary: Washington [US], Mar 1 (ANI): If you are someone who believes in catching up on all the lost sleep hours on the weekends, a recent study suggests that it doesn't work that way.