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Many of their fans were afraid that their dense mix of crunchy guitar, distorted, dissonant samples and chugging blues rhythms would get lost in the shuffle of Interscope's current library of sure-fire top 40 cash cows.
For me, Michael almost got lost in the shuffle when many devotions became religiously passe in the wake of Vatican II.
Seems we're all so busy trying to beat the other fellow in making things go faster, and look shinier and cost less that Christmas and I are sort of getting lost in the shuffle."
They get lost in the shuffle of resumes, or worse, don't bother to apply because of the tremendous number of lower-end jobs that they have to search through.
But somewhere I got lost in the shuffle of papers, phone calls, deadlines, quotas.
What gets lost in the shuffle is much of the story's sentimentality.
The high court recently threw out a challenge to "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, holding that the man who brought the case lacked legal "standing." The court's action captured headlines, but lost in the shuffle was a rather remarkable concurring opinion authored by Thomas.
Meanwhile, independent gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender films don't have the promotional budgets and get lost in the shuffle. Thanks to your rundown, I am now aware of (and look forward to) Testosterone, Cowboys & Angels, Proteus, Twist, and--specially--The 24th Day.
"The Holy Spirit is often lost in the shuffle between God and Jesus.
Sure, a couple billion dollars got lost in the shuffle, and some twenty-somethings had to move back in with mom and dad for a spell.
Gilbert said that smaller independents with full-service capabilities are the ideal business partners for the large insurance companies which are not "leveragable" as well as medium and smaller accounts, because their needs won t get lost in the shuffle. "If you are a medium- to smaller-sized account, there is the general feeling that you won't get the top-line senior executive attention that smaller independent firms routinely provide," Gilbert said.
Like all standards efforts, some pre-existing proprietary languages will likely be lost in the shuffle to create a unified voice markup language.
As it had done elsewhere around the world, Crowley opted for the port because it could demand and get more personalized service than the big-name ports, where shipping lines often get lost in the shuffle.
We may in fact be witnessing the subversion of the official liturgy in favour of a Canadian one--"a ballooning Canadian rite where the Roman prayers are lost in the shuffle." Moreover, a giant liturgical book is implicitly excluded from the hands of the faithful; instead of the beautifully bound daily missal which people used to bring to church, they are going to be faced with something heavy, expensive, and complex, so that they will have to rely on missalettes which are far from satisfactory.
But as the countless subsets of victims vie for a place on the Democratic Party's agenda, Mexican-American interests get lost in the shuffle. In part, they get lost in the shuffle because many Mexican-Americans don't see themselves as victims.