lose (one's) marbles

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lose (one's) marbles

To be or become mentally deficient, incompetent, or deranged; to become of unsound mind. My poor grandmother started losing her marbles after she had a stroke. I've been so sleep deprived lately that it feels like I've lost my marbles!
See also: lose, marble

lose (all) one's marbles

 and lose one's mind
Fig. to go crazy; to go out of one's mind. What a silly thing to say! Have you lost your marbles? Look at Sally jumping up and down and screaming. Is she losing all her marbles? I can't seem to remember anything. I think I'm losing my mind.
See also: lose, marble

lose one's marbles

See also: lose, marble

lose your marbles

If you lose your marbles, you become crazy. At 83 I haven't lost my marbles and my memory is, thank God, as clear as it ever was. People are talking about him as if he's lost his marbles. Note: You can also say that someone has all their marbles, meaning that they are not crazy. He's in his eighties but he clearly still has all his marbles.
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lose your marbles

go insane; become irrational or senile. informal
Marbles as a term for ‘a person's mental faculties’ probably originated as early 20th-century American slang. The underlying reference is apparently to the children's game played with multicoloured glass balls.
1998 Spectator At least, that is how I recall the event, but I am losing my marbles.
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lose your ˈmarbles

(informal) become crazy or mentally confused: They say the old man has lost his marbles because of the strange things he’s been saying, but I’m not so sure.
See also: lose, marble

lose (all) one’s marbles

tv. to become crazy. (see also have all one’s marbles.) Have you lost all your marbles?
See also: all, lose, marble

lose one’s marbles

See also: lose, marble
References in periodicals archive ?
Sison, who has spent almost three decades of high living in Europe, simply lost his marbles and is already out-of-touch of the political realities in the Philippines,' he added.
That came after a spat on social media and Englishman Camacho said: "He must have got out of the wrong side of the bed and lost his marbles. Simmons was asking me to take it outside but fighting outside doesn't get us paid.
The more you think about it, the more you wonder whether Roman Abramovich really has lost his marbles by shipping out Frank Lampard (pictured) and Ashley Cole, with John Terry likely to follow 12 months later.
Worzel Beale may have lost the beard, long hair and tramp clothes, but he's lost his marbles, too.
* SIR - Has Carwyn Jones lost his marbles? His support for the concept of turning Wales into a Country of Sanctuary would seem to indicate that he has no concept of reality, and is acting like a first year undergraduate coming across a so-called good idea ("Effort to make Wales a country of sanctuary gets Jones' support", March 31).
Mr Blair wrote it after a tabloid newspaper wrongly reported Downing Street saying he had "lost his marbles".
It is you, Sir, who, in common parlance of my era, "has the empty head" and "has lost his marbles"!
Not surprisingly, his family, friends and work colleagues think he's lost his marbles. But the Doubting Thomas's are proved wrong when the town is flooded and Evan saves the day.
DAVID Cameron will have "lost his marbles" if he does not install George Osborne as chancellor after an election victory, Tory big beast Ken Clarke said.
Typically the Linense coach Sebastian Naranjo thought the ref had lost his marbles: "The players who intervened and even the spectators, were just trying to see that things didn't get any worse.
Now you have to wonder if the Fenerbahce boss has lost his marbles completely or the shine he has for his own ability has reached a new high.
These are the sort of revolutionary ideas that would invigorate the sport, not the return of a 53-year-old dreamer who has clearly lost his marbles.
It's been a bewildering, David Brent-like display from the European captain, who seems to have lost his marbles in spectacular style.