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The important fact of this last period, however, is that Milton now had the leisure to write, or to complete, 'Paradise Lost.
The seventeenth century theology, like every successive theological, philosophical, and scientific system, has lost its hold on later generations, and it becomes dull indeed in the long expository passages of the poem.
They were interrogated by signs after the lost boats, but could not understand the inquiries.
They were so chilled and benumbed by the cold, however, that they lost all heart, and absolutely refused.
Thus eight men were lost on the first approach to the coast; a commencement that cast a gloom over the spirits of the whole party, and was regarded by some of the superstitious as an omen that boded no good to the enterprise.
asked Chee- Chee; and he began to scold the parrot for letting them get lost while he was away looking for the cocoanuts.
Then she tripped back to them with sparkling eyes and smiling cheeks, having regained her usual happy mood and forgotten all her worry about being lost.
PETER gave himself up for lost, and shed big tears; but his sobs were overheard by some friendly sparrows, who flew to him in great excitement, and implored him to exert himself.
It was the second little jacket and pair of shoes that Peter had lost in a fortnight!
If the Black went down to defeat, U-Dor could move his victorious piece on to the square occupied by Tara of Helium and the game would be over--over in four moves and lost to Gahan of Gathol.
He now discovered that he might play his own Odwar into personal combat with Gahan; but he had already lost one Odwar and could ill spare the other.
If he lost, the game would be declared a draw, nor do they think better of drawn games upon Barsoom than do Earth men.
Key Biscayne (Hard): Bt J Sanchez, Lost W Ferreira.
Raheem Abbas lost four with one win after playing five matches, Mohammad Khan secured victory in one match and lost two after playing three matches, Kane Khan, Zikriya lost all five matches, Hamid Saeed lost four with one win, Falak Sher lost three with two win, Hamza Islam lost all five matches, Talha with one win and four lost were the total 18 players part of the Under-11 League
No other team at the tournament has a recent record like that, not even Albania who have won three, drawn two and lost two of their last seven.