lose to

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lose to

To be defeated by (someone). The victor can be mentioned after "to," or the lost thing can be stated between "lose" and "to." The football team lost to their rivals in the championship game. I can't believe I lost the student council presidency to that doofus!
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lose something to someone

to yield or give up something in defeat to someone. We lost the case to the opposing lawyers. Mary lost her title to last year's runner-up.
See also: lose

lose to someone or something

to be defeated by someone or something. I lost to Wendy in the sales contest. Our team lost to the Adamsville Raiders for the seventh year in a row.
See also: lose
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Wales' backroom team are adamant that won't be the case and that the rustiness was shaken off while losing to the Swedes on Sunday.
As well as losing to Sweden, they have also succumbed to Ukraine, the Netherlands and Bosnia, while drawing with Northern Ireland and Israel.
Monique Palmera and partner Chloe Kwock did fairly well in doubles play, defeating Molly Starke and Mayo Hotta 6-0 before losing to Ana Flan and Carsan Dittman 6-7, 2-7 in the tiebreak.
As recently as 2001, Antelope Valley finished 7-4 and played in the Potato Bowl, losing to Bakersfield.
So getting bombed by the pathetic Bobcats is no worse than losing to an elite team, as they did a couple of nights before in Detroit.
After losing to Indiana, two days before Charlotte, the Zen Master did as other, less enlightened coaches do: He ranted and raged at his lackadaisical players then, the next day, forced them to sit through a two-hour film session.