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MILLIONS of motorists are losing their cool and increasing the risk of getting into a heated argument with passengers or other road users according to new research from Halfords Autocentres.
PAULO SERGIO is set for a hefty SFA ban after losing his rag at referee Alan Muir - then demonstrated dazzling hypocrisy by accusing his team of losing their cool.
As many as 97% of drivers admitted to losing their cool while in their cars in a survey by Asda Financial Services.
But I understand why people with a deep knowledge of particular issues are losing their cool.
Definitely not a good sign since the hot summer months are traditionally the time when people who own animals, but shouldn't, start losing their cool and doing really stupid, cruel things to them.
The advanced design of the Austin Affinity chassis allows for as many as twelve 7200RPM, fast and wide, SCA (Single Connect Architecture), hard drives to be mounted in a relatively small space without losing their cool.