lose (one's) temper

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lose (one's) temper

To become angered, enraged, or upset due to some provocation; to have an outburst upon losing one's patience. I'm usually a pretty calm person, but whenever I start driving, I find I lose my temper at the slightest inconvenience. When we were kids, my dad lost his temper a lot, but he's mellowed out since then.
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lose one's temper (at someone or something)

Fig. to become angry at someone or something. Lisa lost her temper and began shouting at Bob. I hate to lose my temper at someone. I always end up feeling guilty.
See also: lose, temper

lose one's temper

Also, lose it. Give way to violent anger, lose self-control. For example, When she found out what Ann had done, she lost her temper, or He arrived without that important check, and then I just lost it completely. The first term dates from the early 1800s; the second slangy locution dates from the mid-1900s.
See also: lose, temper

keep/lose your ˈtemper (with somebody)

manage/fail to control your anger: You must learn to keep your temper.He loses his temper very quickly if you argue with him.
See also: keep, lose, temper
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A ROAD rage cyclist threatened a pedestrian and forced him to flee after losing his temper.
Auwkit reacted by losing his temper and stabbing her repeatedly, apparently using the knife and fork he had been eating with.
But Kevin George claimed he never meant to harm anyone in his "moment of silliness" in losing his temper and had even immediately extinguished the small fire he had set in his flat at Cwrt Saron, Williamstown, Tonypandy.
Accused of losing his temper by prosecution barrister Michael Hammond, O'Hagan replied: "I didn't lose my temper I was defending myself.
The court heard that Martins accepted losing his temper but denied he ever made threats to shoot anyone.
William Scudder, 40, admitted losing his temper after PC Nathan Langley gestured at his wife, who drove out in front of him outside her home.
Paul fails to get a restraining order against him, then tries to goad him into losing his temper.
He said Ternent had shown a "propensity for losing his temper and acting in a violent way" in his autobiography Stan The Man: A Hard Life In Football.
I'd be wary if I was Andy because my old partner used to and still thinks that losing his temper was one of the facets that made him a great player.
He denied losing his temper with the screaming girl and said he had not intended to kill her, but accepted she would have struggled and would not have died "in a moment".
Clippers guard James Robinson has been left off the team's current road trip after losing his temper in the locker room following the Clippers' 152-120 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night.
THE conditional jockey found to have hit Sacrilege 11 times "in annoyance" when the five-year-old refused to race at Ascot on Saturday yesterday denied losing his temper.
Trevor Meegan, defending, said Halford recognised he had a problem with losing his temper.
Godfrey Charnley, aged 43, claimed he was pressurised by managers over waiting lists and was kept unfairly 'in the dark' over the outcome of an investigation into reports of losing his temper in the operating theatre.
Scruggs confronted the two after the telecast, and after losing his temper, was sent home on a two week unpaid suspension.