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Losing weight must be a carefully planned activity.
Given that blacks and whites have relatively little overlap in the schools they attend, differences in school quality could well explain why black students are losing ground.
Healthy eating combined with regular exercise has been established as the scientifically sound approach to weight loss and does appear to be the approach most commonly used by those who are successful in losing weight and keeping it off (5).
With Rennie and Ron in as investors it fell to me to call the printer who was owed something north of a hundred thousand dollars to explain to him he had a choice between losing his money to a bankruptcy or exchanging it for equity in the new Northern Life.
He refutes the notion, promoted by government-required labeling as well as diet gurus and food manufacturers, that limiting fat is the key to losing weight.
Or that they were at risk of losing these things because of their disbelief in Santa Claus?
Some scientists say we're losing species at an alarming rate of 274 per day.
They lost the opening five sets but then snatched the initiative and brought the score back to 5-4 before Ken Burgess had the unenviable task of saving the game or losing out.
"Even after the Atkins group stopped losing weight, they were still eating fewer calories to maintain their lower body weight." That could have been enough to keep their LDL from rising.
THERE ARE FEW THINGS that coaches dread more than the spectre of a losing season.
BOSTON -- The death of a 22-year-old Boston Ballet dancer, two years after BB officials suggested she lose weight and six months after they told her she was too thin and should stop losing weight, has cast a shadow over the company and the ballet world.
Even a litigant who squarely wins on the merits can pay a fee offset if he has filed losing motions or made the opponent go to other sorts of needless trouble.