lose (one's) heart to (someone)

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lose (one's) heart to (someone)

To fall in love or become smitten with someone. She lost her heart to the tall, handsome man the minute they met.
See also: heart, lose

lose one's hear to

Fall in love with, as in I totally lost my heart to the new puppy. This expression uses heart in the sense of "the seat of love or affection." [First half of 1600s]
See also: hear, lose

lose your heart

If you lose your heart to someone, you fall in love with them. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. She falls in love with Raul, who in turn has lost his heart to Silvia.
See also: heart, lose

lose your ˈheart (to somebody/something)

(formal) fall in love (with somebody/something): I’ve quite lost my heart to those little kittens of yours. Can we take one home?
See also: heart, lose

lose (one's) heart to

To fall in love with.
See also: heart, lose
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