lose your head

lose (one's) head

To lose one's composure and act emotionally or irrationally. You need to calm down before you talk to Larry. You don't want to lose your head before finding out his side of the story. I'm sorry, I lost my head out there. There's no excuse for what I said.
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lose your head

COMMON If you lose your head, you panic and do not remain calm in a difficult situation. He warned the party not to lose its head, saying that it was not a `time for panic'. When he was questioned by the police, he completely lost his head, told a number of lies and forgot to mention one or two things that might have helped him. Compare with keep your head.
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lose your ˈhead

(informal) become unable to act in a calm or sensible way: It’s a very frightening situation, but we mustn’t lose our heads. OPPOSITE: keep a level head
See also: head, lose
References in classic literature ?
You might lose your head, you know, for the second time.
If you should so lose your head as to appeal to him for me--"
Forsake the kingdom instantly," said the executioner at last, "and take care never to come back, for you will not only lose your head, but make us lose ours.
If you don't lose your head and stay focused, everything will be well.
Don't lose your head in the Haunted Castle Hunt, where Royal ghosts lurk around every corner.
Both players are to be disciplined by the club, and a contrite Juanito said: 'Sometimes a fever enters you and you lose your head.
Sometimes you lose your head when something like that happens but we kept coming at them and I was pleased about that.
4) The nightmare continues at this mock funeral service where you might lose your head.
The Don't Lose Your Head Award: ``Brooklyn South'' (10 p.
We have games that are winnable right to the very end of the season, so just keep going, keep cool, don't lose your heads at all.