lose to

lose to

To be defeated by (someone). The victor can be mentioned after "to," or the lost thing can be stated between "lose" and "to." The football team lost to their rivals in the championship game. I can't believe I lost the student council presidency to that doofus!
See also: lose

lose something to someone

to yield or give up something in defeat to someone. We lost the case to the opposing lawyers. Mary lost her title to last year's runner-up.
See also: lose

lose to someone or something

to be defeated by someone or something. I lost to Wendy in the sales contest. Our team lost to the Adamsville Raiders for the seventh year in a row.
See also: lose
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BRIDGEND Lab lose to NOC C gain 10, PC gain 2, Lab lose 6, Ind lose 4, LD lose 2.
POWYS Ind lose to NOC C gain 10, LD gain 2, PC gain 2, Green gain 1, Ind lose 15.
1 GWYNEDD Plaid Cymru lose to NOC Llais gain 3 Independent gain 1 Lib Dem lose 2 Plaid Cymru lose 2 Plaid Cymru seats on council .
Whether Eat 'n Lose aids weight loss is unclear, because its manufacturer, CCA Industries, has never compared Eat 'n Lose to a placebo.
They thoroughly enjoyed the win,'' said Hart coach Steve Love, who had another doubles team, Elizabeth and Isabella Tang, lose to Sanchez and Willadsen 8-3 in the second round.
USC forward Jeff Trepagnier remembers being approached by UCLA guard Baron Davis last summer during some pickup games, and Davis telling him that he would never lose to USC during his career.