lose (one's) temper

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lose (one's) temper

To become angered, enraged, or upset due to some provocation; to have an outburst upon losing one's patience. I'm usually a pretty calm person, but whenever I start driving, I find I lose my temper at the slightest inconvenience. When we were kids, my dad lost his temper a lot, but he's mellowed out since then.
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lose one's temper (at someone or something)

Fig. to become angry at someone or something. Lisa lost her temper and began shouting at Bob. I hate to lose my temper at someone. I always end up feeling guilty.
See also: lose, temper

lose one's temper

Also, lose it. Give way to violent anger, lose self-control. For example, When she found out what Ann had done, she lost her temper, or He arrived without that important check, and then I just lost it completely. The first term dates from the early 1800s; the second slangy locution dates from the mid-1900s.
See also: lose, temper

keep/lose your ˈtemper (with somebody)

manage/fail to control your anger: You must learn to keep your temper.He loses his temper very quickly if you argue with him.
See also: keep, lose, temper
References in classic literature ?
"Did not my father, my grandfathers, too, before me, lose their temper at times, in Heaven's name?"
They are all on the defensive, lose their tempers, as though they all want to make one feel something..."
But while these kind of drivers are most prone to lose their temper with other motorists, they are the most supportive of speed cameras, the study of AA/ Populus surveys showed.
London, August 11 (ANI): The lack of a chemical in the brain makes men lose their temper very easily, driving them to act on impulse and make snap decisions, a new research has found.
"Managers these days don't really lose their temper too much, it's the way the modern manager is.
Mansour Al-Ramahi, a Jordanian sales representatives living in Jeddah, said people lose their temper for the smallest reasons.
People are three times morelikely to lose their temper with loved ones than strangers.
And Midlanders are slightly more likely to do so than the national average, with 13% saying they lose their temper on a daily basis.
It is hardly surprising that some people lose their temper."
All I can say is that over the 50 years that I worked I met very few bosses who didn't lose their temper now and then.
Latest figures show that mums and dads regularly lose their temper and swear at other motorists when their children are in the car.
A survey says parents regularly lose their temper and swear at other drivers when their children are in the car.
The survey also revealed that one in six parents of babies or toddlers lose their temper with their child every other day.
But they didn't lose their tempers and the crowd behaved themselves," he added.
My students spend a lot more time thinking about the peculiarities of Mister Louie's predicament than they did when his name was a name people use when they lose their tempers.