lose (one's) head

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lose (one's) head

To lose one's composure and act emotionally or irrationally. You need to calm down before you talk to Larry. You don't want to lose your head before finding out his side of the story. I'm sorry, I lost my head out there. There's no excuse for what I said.
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lose one's head (over someone or something)

Fig. to become confused or overly emotional about someone or something. Don't lose your head over John. He isn't worth it. I'm sorry. I got upset and lost my head.
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lose one's head

see under keep one's head, def. 1.
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lose your head

COMMON If you lose your head, you panic and do not remain calm in a difficult situation. He warned the party not to lose its head, saying that it was not a `time for panic'. When he was questioned by the police, he completely lost his head, told a number of lies and forgot to mention one or two things that might have helped him. Compare with keep your head.
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lose your ˈhead

(informal) become unable to act in a calm or sensible way: It’s a very frightening situation, but we mustn’t lose our heads. OPPOSITE: keep a level head
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References in classic literature ?
Lose their heads in company, forget all their training, and throw you down.
I think some players see the red mist and lose their head.
The United defender joins a growing number of players in the top flight who lose their head in the heat of the moment.
Some people lose their heads at this time of year but in the land of sand and oil, an alleged sorcerer literally lost his head.
However, Trapattoni has no fears his players will lose their heads at the Stade de France, saying: "I played football too and I know what happens.
The ``Christmas'' actresses who lose their heads in the film, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lacey Chabert, Katie Cassidy and Kristen Cloke, insist this is high-quality horror.
In any event, the parallel to Amos breaks down when, thanks to the machinations of Herodias and her daughter, both Herod and then John lose their heads.
If they succeed, they will be declared heroes' fail, and they will lose their heads to maniacal nobleman Delatombe (Jonathan Pryce).
If they succeed, they will be declared heroes; fail and they will literally lose their heads to maniacal nobleman Delatombe (Jonathan Pryce).
Camondo's other neighbors lose their heads as well.
Denise plays a whip-wielding revolutionary whose mission is to make sure all the upper classes lose their heads.
When [saltwater] fish are plunged unexpectedly into a muddy fresh-water bath, they appear to lose their heads entirely and make their way posthaste to shore," explained the July 29 Daily Register: Mobile.
It's not been easy and people can lose their heads, but we have the most experienced manager on our side down at the bottom.