lose (someone's or something's) grip

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lose (someone's or something's) grip

1. To no longer have the ability to control someone or something. He must be losing his grip on his followers if they're beginning to rebel against him. I think this cold is finally losing its grip on me, thank goodness. The funeral service was so sad that I just lost my grip and bawled.
2. To lose certain skills or abilities. I must be losing my grip—can you remind me how to use this computer program again?
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lose one's grip

Also lose it.
1. Fail to maintain control or one's ability to function, as in Ted wasn't running things the way he used to, and his boss thought he might be losing his grip , or I thought I was losing it when I couldn't remember the words to that old song. The first term dates from the mid-1800s, the slangy variant from the mid-1900s.
2. Fail to keep one's composure, as in When Billy broke the window, Dad just lost his grip and let him have it, or I just can't deal with this many visitors-I must be losing it. [Slang; first half of 1900s] Also see lose one's temper.
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lose your grip

COMMON If you lose your grip on a situation, you stop being able to understand and control it. The central bank is clearly losing its grip on monetary policy. The opposition feel that the president has lost his grip on the country. He wondered if perhaps he was getting old and losing his grip.
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lose your ˈgrip (on something)

(informal) be unable to control or do something as well as you did before: She’s definitely made some bad decisions recently. I think she’s losing her grip.
See also: grip, lose
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A magnificent victory against Real Betis thanks to early goals by Florent Sinama-Pongolle and Luis Garcia was a warning to the rest of Europe that they will not lose their grip on the Champions League trophy lightly.
Ferrari are all but certain to lose their grip on both world titles, after five seasons of domination, following a meek defence this term.
These new pins are reportedly safe to use and don't lose their grip or shatter under tough turning conditions, and grip on a smaller surface area to handle a greater work piece variety.
The under-fire Scots boss has seen his side crash out of the Champions League and lose their grip on the Premiership.
However, mice with an alteration in one of the genes that orchestrate body development lose their grip on grooming, a new study finds.
The Panthers began to lose their grip late in the third quarter, and as they did a week ago against North Hollywood, the Lancers played their best in the fourth quarter.
The use of an appropriate lift can increase a resident's security and dignity and make him or her less likely to lose their grip and fall.
Helped by top block Mark Turner (21-4), Llay were almost caught as Rhos led at home by 21 points to narrowly lose their grip on the trophy.
If Hart (6-0 in league) beats Valencia (4-2), the Indians would have to collapse over their final three league matches in order to lose their grip on the league title, which would be their second in three years.