lose (one's) bearings

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lose (one's) bearings

To lose sight of or become unable to determine one's orientation, position, or abilities relative to one's surroundings or situation. Trying to find her way home through the woods in the dead of night, Sarah lost her bearings when the clouds obscured the stars overhead. I feel like I've been losing my bearings in life ever since I lost my job.
See also: bearing, lose

lose one's bearings

see under get one's bearings.
See also: bearing, lose

lose your ˈbearings

become lost or suddenly confused: The old man seemed to have lost his bearings for a moment.
See also: bearing, lose
References in periodicals archive ?
The Chelsea boss knows that at home PSG are formidable but away from home they frequently lose their bearings - they are more GPS.
Also with the aim of improving the treatment of victims' families, de Veyrac proposes that each state appoint a reference person who would be the privileged point of contact for families, who often lose their bearings amongst a multitude of actors.
As a result, adult bees have upset navigation and lose their bearings, dying of exposure while juveniles are abandoned and left to die.
The newer slew-to-cue Avengers can lose their bearings when they operate for long periods in one spot, which they often are required to do nowadays.
The 3D map makes it virtually impossible for people to lose their bearings.