lose sight of something

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lose sight of (someone or something)

1. To no longer be able to see someone or something due to increased distance from them or it or an obstruction of the view. We lost sight of the ground as the plane moved higher into the sky.
2. To forget about or neglect to focus on something. I know you've had some setbacks recently, but try not to lose sight of the goal you want to achieve.
See also: lose, of, sight

lose sight of something

COMMON If you lose sight of an important aspect of something, you forget about it or ignore it. They seem to have lost sight of their original objectives. We should not lose sight of the fact that, at times, depression is a perfectly normal reaction to life's problems.
See also: lose, of, sight, something

lose ˈsight of something

(of a purpose, aim, etc.) stop considering something; forget something: The government seem to have lost sight of their aims and are now just trying to survive.
See also: lose, of, sight, something
References in periodicals archive ?
Blink and you may lose sight of something related to the voting rights of female buffalo.
Accept that too often and we lose sight of something the best in every field know instinctively; that there are times in our lives when the only thing that matters is coming first.
In the quest to reconstruct what happened in the Gulf, however, we shouldn't lose sight of something equally important: what happens the next time around.