lose sight of

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lose sight of (someone or something)

1. To no longer be able to see someone or something due to increased distance from them or it or an obstruction of the view. We lost sight of the ground as the plane moved higher into the sky.
2. To forget about or neglect to focus on something. I know you've had some setbacks recently, but try not to lose sight of the goal you want to achieve.
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lose sight of someone or something

1. Lit. to have one's vision of someone or something fade because of distance or an obstruction. I lost sight of Alice as she walked into the distance. We lost sight of the ship as it sailed out of the harbor.
2. Fig. to forget to consider someone or something. Don't lose sight of Alice and her basic contributions. Don't lose sight of the basic value of the land on which the house sits.
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lose sight of

Overlook, fail to take into account, as in We must not lose sight of our main objective, or Beverly never lost sight of her humble beginnings. This metaphoric expression alludes to physical sight. [Early 1700s] For an antonym, see bear in mind.
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And don't discount the fact that responding to e-mail can become such an all-encompassing task that employees lose sight of their real jobs.
After assuming political motivations on the part of particular authors, Burleigh and Wippermann then complain that the various historical controversies have unfortunately been conducted polemically, and that students can easily lose sight of the larger picture.
"But we don't want our supporters to lose sight of how important they are vocally to help us.
Manmohan Singh on Thursday cautioned the leaders to not lose sight of the needs of developing economies.
A hotline has also been set up for parents to contact city centre CCTV operators as soon as they lose sight of their child.
The Mall in Middlesbrough has set up Child Safe Zones and is using posters and CCTV to help parents who may lose sight of their children.
Derbies are all about passion and pride ( but Caldwell insists the fans must not lose sight of the fact three points are at stake which could be vital come next May.
Nevertheless, in this constantly changing, fast paced environment in which we work, we must never lose sight of our obligation to the American people or of the U.S.
A Birmingham-based charity is asking people to add one more New Year's resolution to their list - to not let elderly friends and relatives lose sight of their independence.
(I am sure van Doesburg could convincingly argue that point.) And, when considering the much-heralded creative potential of the computer, we should not lose sight of the fact that designers--ie human beings with human judgement--ultimately decide on the formal resolution of their buildings.
With all your classes and rehearsals, it's easy to lose sight of the polls.
An insistence on shoehorning our technological prowess into an acceptable social framework, he said, without examining the most basic issues about the purpose of human life, will invariably produce technicians who lose sight of the awesome responsibility put in their hands.
[They] lose sight of what's important in life, [like] family and health."
It is important that we not lose sight of who we are and what we do.
And in rushing to make an organization a global force, it's crucial to not lose sight of its local beginnings.