lose patience

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lose patience (with someone or something)

to stop being patient with someone or something; to become impatient with someone or something. Please try to be more cooperative. I'm losing patience with you.
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Keegan retains admirable faith in the pair, yet even the City fans are beginning to lose patience in a striking partnership which has mustered just two goals in two months.
For most of the season the supporters have got behind the team but the constant lacklustre performances allied to the large increase in next season's ticket prices has seen them finally lose patience.
Nebraska was 5-6 last season, its first losing year since 1961 and fans were already starting to lose patience with Callahan, the former Oakland Raiders coach.
Hay is beginning to lose patience with the son of the Argentine football legend of the same name and wants the youngster to give the club a quick response.
Vialli, who once again taught a few of his managerial rivals the art of accepting decisions with grace (not Wise's red card, but that of Desailly), must surely lose patience with his cap'n before too long.
That window of opportunity is closing, however, as business executives lose patience with underperforming initiatives that don't support strategic objectives.
The current strikers are not performing and try as I might to defend them I find myself really starting to lose patience with their lack lustre performances.
Additionally, those conditioned to standard forms of movie narrative may lose patience with a protagonist as passive as Szpilman.