lose patience

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lose patience (with someone or something)

to stop being patient with someone or something; to become impatient with someone or something. Please try to be more cooperative. I'm losing patience with you.
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He told protesters to remain steadfast in the face of adversity and not lose patience.
He said, 'Customers can lose patience with organisations and be gone in 180 seconds, often without that organisation even knowing there's a problem.
Residents of Dinas Powys are beginning to lose patience as the traffic through their village gets worse by the day.
Keegan's decision to haul pounds 19million strike duo Nicolas Anelka and Robbie Fowler out of the bore draw with Boro was a telling sign he is starting to lose patience in a side which has managed only one goal in five outings.
Time is of the essence and, if progress is not being made, people will lose patience.
These quick counters can be effective, especially later in the match when the opponents lose patience.
He may lose patience if he's coming home to see you every weekend and you're weeping all over him.
Hamas was democratically elected and had fired rockets for some time at Israel knowing full well that eventually its neighbour would lose patience and reply in kind.