lose hold on

lose (one's) hold on (someone or something)

1. To no longer have a firm or secure grip on someone or something with one's hand or hands. He lost his hold on the railing and went tumbling down the stairs. The rescue team is almost here—don't lose your hold on him!
2. To no longer have a firm or clear understanding of something. The poor guy sort of lost his hold on reality after the death of his children. I feel like I'm losing my hold on my sanity.
3. To no longer have a direct control, influence, or authority over someone. The president's political party lost its hold on congress after several senators lost their seats in the recent election. After the landmark election, and as the dictator finally lost his hold on the citizens of the country, people flocked to the streets to celebrate.
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lose one's hold on someone or something

 and lose one's grip on someone or something 
1. Lit. to fail to keep one's handhold on someone or something. I lost my hold on the child, and she nearly slipped away. She lost her grip on the bag of jewels and it fell overboard.
2. and lose one's hold over someone or something Fig. to give up control over someone or something. The manager lost her hold on her employees and was fired. Fred is losing his grip on his workers. He is losing his hold over his empire.
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