lose (one's) shirt

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lose (one's) shirt

To lose a significant amount of one's money (often all of it). This is my last chance—I'll lose my shirt if this business venture fails.
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lose one's shirt

Fig. to lose a lot of money; to lose all of one's assets (as if one had even lost one's shirt). I almost lost my shirt on that deal. I have to invest more wisely. No, I can't loan you $200. I just lost my shirt at the racetrack.
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lose one's shirt

Face financial ruin, go bankrupt, as in He lost his shirt in the last recession. This expression implies one has lost even one's shirt. [Early 1900s]
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lose your shirt

lose all your possessions, especially as the result of unwise financial transactions. informal
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lose your ˈshirt

(informal) lose all or a lot of your money and possessions: ‘How did you two get on at the races?’ ‘I won $300 and Paul lost his shirt.’ OPPOSITE: make a killing
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lose one’s shirt

tv. to go broke; to lose everything of value, even one’s shirt. I lost my shirt on that bank deal.
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lose (one's) shirt

To lose everything one has or owns.
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lose one's shirt, to

To lose everything. This term alludes to betting on or investing everything one owns in some venture, but at one time it meant to become very angry (in effect the opposite of keep your shirt on). The current cliché, aided and abetted by the Great Depression, is a twentieth-century locution. “He hit the market . . . about the time the bottom dropped out of it. He lost his shirt!” (E. B. Mann, Thirsty Range, 1935).
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Will I do it just for the heck of it or will it be because my character is being tortured and that he could lose his shirt in the process?' If I didn't see a point to it, I wouldn't have done it.'
While Hollywood hunk Zac was blushing to of fans calling for him to lose his shirt, Rita ran up behind him and ripped the top buttons apart to expose his chest.
After watching Zac Efron lose his shirt at the recently concluded MTV awards, many women must be day dreaming about dating the "High School Musical" star.
He didn't win the lottery - but neither did he lose his shirt.
But, while the 28-year-old centre-back, pictured below, admitted he was disappointed to lose his shirt to Darcy Blake, he is adamant he has no problem with boss Speed's decision.
As he's forced to beat an undignified retreat from the Rovers, you'll actually see a bookie lose his shirt.
"Then take [industries] such as energy, healthcare, or utilities and start moving ever so slightly [until about] 15% of the portfolio is invested in those sectors." According to Coggins, this strategy should help the investor outperform the S&P but not lose his shirt if he's wrong.
Anyone who wasn't a crony of Tanaka would lose his shirt.
GIOVANNI Trapattoni has been told to give Seamus Coleman a chance - by a player who could lose his shirt to the Everton man.
Meanwhile, Paul won't be the first person to lose his shirt to a bookie, but he must be one of the few to lose his shoes and socks as well when Dan comes up with a strange way of calling in his debts.
A GAMBLER is set to rake in a fortune or lose his shirt in one of the biggest spread bets ever made on the Stock Exchange.
The funnyman could lose his shirt as one of his latest film projects has been left hanging with a whopping pounds 1.2 million noose round its neck.