lose (one's) head

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lose (one's) head

To lose one's composure and act emotionally or irrationally. You need to calm down before you talk to Larry. You don't want to lose your head before finding out his side of the story. I'm sorry, I lost my head out there. There's no excuse for what I said.
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lose one's head (over someone or something)

Fig. to become confused or overly emotional about someone or something. Don't lose your head over John. He isn't worth it. I'm sorry. I got upset and lost my head.
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lose one's head

see under keep one's head, def. 1.
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lose your head

COMMON If you lose your head, you panic and do not remain calm in a difficult situation. He warned the party not to lose its head, saying that it was not a `time for panic'. When he was questioned by the police, he completely lost his head, told a number of lies and forgot to mention one or two things that might have helped him. Compare with keep your head.
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lose your ˈhead

(informal) become unable to act in a calm or sensible way: It’s a very frightening situation, but we mustn’t lose our heads. OPPOSITE: keep a level head
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References in classic literature ?
Now the Six came to a town in which the King had proclaimed that whoever should run with his daughter in a race, and win, should become her husband; but if he lost, he must lose his head.
He took the glove in silence from the aide-de-camp, and sat down in the lady's chair, placing his huge hands symmetrically on his knees in the naive attitude of an Egyptian statue, and decided in his own mind that all was as it should be, and that in order not to lose his head and do foolish things he must not act on his own ideas tonight, but must yield himself up entirely to the will of those who were guiding him.
Take the life of one's king but here is the thing, He was caught at WESTMINSTER instead, Questioned and tortured finally broke, There's no doubt that he will lose his head.
And Eriksson, who had warned Beckham not to lose his head, said: "If I have something to say to him I will.
Having already survived the loss of original host Steve Burns (and no, contrary to urban legend, he didn't die of a drug overdose, just like Life cereal's Mikey didn't lose his head to a Pop Rocks-induced explosion), ``Blues'' is no longer in production, but will air five specials in the coming year.
HOW very unlike Gary Neville to lose his head last weekend.
An unfailing pragmatist, Minghella didn't panic when MGM decided to bail on his latest epic tragedy, ``Cold Mountain,'' some three weeks before filming, and he didn't lose his head when freak storms threatened to shut down his production (a la Terry Gilliam's ``The Man of La Mancha'') once he managed to begin filming.