lose (one's) bearings

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lose (one's) bearings

To lose sight of or become unable to determine one's orientation, position, or abilities relative to one's surroundings or situation. Trying to find her way home through the woods in the dead of night, Sarah lost her bearings when the clouds obscured the stars overhead. I feel like I've been losing my bearings in life ever since I lost my job.
See also: bearing, lose

lose one's bearings

see under get one's bearings.
See also: bearing, lose

lose your ˈbearings

become lost or suddenly confused: The old man seemed to have lost his bearings for a moment.
See also: bearing, lose
References in periodicals archive ?
Yet as Gayle walked off the pitch, he appeared to lose his bearings and originally attempted to take his place on the Huddersfield bench before changing direction and heading for Newcastle's
He seemed to completely lose his bearings as he tried to play out from the back and his weak touch invited striker Charlie Wyke to come forward.
In round one he seemed to lose his bearings between the first and second bends, then he made an awful start in his semifinal, but the fact that he recovered to win on both occasions speaks volumes for his ability and determination.
Unfortunately, the defender seemed to lose his bearings and crouched down to head the ball into his own net while trying to concede the corner.
County bounced back and were unlucky when Bone was through on the keeper only to lose his bearings.
Palace almost grabbed a shock 28th-minute lead after a left-wing corner saw keeper Thomas Sorensen lose his bearings.
Shapiro said he is still not sure how Thornton managed to lose his bearings.