lose (someone's or something's) grip

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lose (someone's or something's) grip

1. To no longer have the ability to control someone or something. He must be losing his grip on his followers if they're beginning to rebel against him. I think this cold is finally losing its grip on me, thank goodness. The funeral service was so sad that I just lost my grip and bawled.
2. To lose certain skills or abilities. I must be losing my grip—can you remind me how to use this computer program again?
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lose one's grip

Also lose it.
1. Fail to maintain control or one's ability to function, as in Ted wasn't running things the way he used to, and his boss thought he might be losing his grip , or I thought I was losing it when I couldn't remember the words to that old song. The first term dates from the mid-1800s, the slangy variant from the mid-1900s.
2. Fail to keep one's composure, as in When Billy broke the window, Dad just lost his grip and let him have it, or I just can't deal with this many visitors-I must be losing it. [Slang; first half of 1900s] Also see lose one's temper.
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lose your grip

COMMON If you lose your grip on a situation, you stop being able to understand and control it. The central bank is clearly losing its grip on monetary policy. The opposition feel that the president has lost his grip on the country. He wondered if perhaps he was getting old and losing his grip.
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lose your ˈgrip (on something)

(informal) be unable to control or do something as well as you did before: She’s definitely made some bad decisions recently. I think she’s losing her grip.
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Witnesses said she appeared to lose grip of the wire above her head before she fell.
In a speech to business groups, the Taoiseach pledged the country will not lose grip of the lucrative 12.5% rate.
Icy conditions came top of the poll, with 32 per cent of votes, and proving that drivers feel most at risk when their vehicles starts to lose grip.
Even on slippery surfaces, VDC makes a car safer when the driver has to make a sudden manoeuvre, or if the vehicle is about to lose grip - when driving through standing water or on ice, for example.
The Killie chief didn't just lose grip of the Scottish Cup he'd brought to the club for the first time in 68 years, his side were booted out by their bitterest rivals.
"If you lose grip at the front wheels, gently reduce the power to give the wheels a chance to steer.
The speed isn't for macho hooliganism but a necessity to ensure the racer engines don't overheat or the tyres cool down and lose grip.