lose contact with

lose contact (with one)

To unintentionally decrease frequency of communication (with one) over time until no further contact takes place. Unfortunately, my college roommate and I lost contact over the years, so I have no idea how she's doing now. I lost contact with Tina after she moved to Alaska. The last I heard, she was still living out there.
See also: contact, lose

lose contact with someone or something

 and lose touch with someone or something
[for communication with someone or a group] to fail or fade away; to let one's friendship or relationship with someone or a group lapse. I hope I don't lose contact with you. I don't want to lose touch with my old friends.
See also: contact, lose
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Police claimed it was "completely out of character" for Suzanne to lose contact with her family and colleagues.
said fathers are awarded residency in less than 1% of cases where parents split and it is invariably men who then lose contact with their children.
Don't speed through standing water as tyres lose contact with the road and you lose steering control.
As they float, glaciers lose contact with land, which makes them flow even faster.