lose touch/contact

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lose touch

1. To unintentionally decrease frequency of communication with someone over time until no further contact takes place. Unfortunately, my college roommate and I lost touch over the years, so I have no idea how she's doing now.
2. To no longer be skilled in doing something. In this usage, a possessive pronoun is used between "lose" and "touch." The students no longer listen to my threats—I must be losing my touch. He used to be one of the league's elite shooters, but it seems like he's lost his touch.
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lose one's touch (with someone or something)

Fig. to lose one's ability to handle someone or something. I seem to have lost my touch with my children. They won't listen to me anymore. We've both lost our touch as far as managing people goes.
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lose touch

Fail to keep in contact or communication, as in The two sisters lost touch years ago, or Please don't lose touch with me after you move away. [Late 1800s] For an antonym, see in touch.
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lose ˈtouch/ˈcontact (with somebody/something)

not write/speak to somebody or not hear/read about somebody/something as you did in the past: She lost touch with most of her old friends when she moved to London.
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Police claimed it was "completely out of character" for Suzanne to lose contact with her family and colleagues.
We don't want to lose contact but we don't want to be seen to take sides.
said fathers are awarded residency in less than 1% of cases where parents split and it is invariably men who then lose contact with their children.
Along with the child losing contact with the non-resident parent, who is normally the father, they lose contact with their extended family on that side.
Don't speed through standing water as tyres lose contact with the road and you lose steering control.
But Julie Costa and her two closest childhood friends on Aruba were no different from most childhood friends who lose contact.
4, Skinny Up: Since we do not want to lose contact against a good shooting #3 man, we have X3 throw his hips forward and get "skinny" - getting his leg over the top of #5's screen so that he cannot be picked.
Despite the fact that marketers hate to lose contact with potential customers, few work aggressively to hang on to those considering leaving the fold.
As they float, glaciers lose contact with land, which makes them flow even faster.
For parents whose children are involved with summer water sports or other active pursuits, Paragon CRT lenses eliminate the chance that children will lose contact lenses during the day or break their glasses since the lenses are only worn at night and are left safely at home.
Mendoza and race favorite Heinz Frei of Switzerland surged to an early lead, causing the rest of the field to lose contact.
As the pallet was released from the aircraft in testing, the receiver would temporarily lose contact with the GPS satellites for a few seconds as an external antenna on the receiver reacquired the satellite signal.
People move and forget to tell all of their friends, and sometimes, if these are only casual contacts, maybe cards at Christmas time-type casual, it's easy to lose contact forever.