lose appetite

lose (one's) appetite

To no longer be hungry; to no longer have a desire or inclination to eat. Hearing the gruesome details of the murder made me lose my appetite. The news was so sobering that we all lost our appetites.
See also: appetite, lose

lose one's appetite

to lose one's desire to eat. After that gory movie, I'm afraid I've lost my appetite.
See also: appetite, lose
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Lowered protein at 26 percent or so reduces stress on the kidneys and limits the breakdown of protein into toxins in bloodstream that make dogs feel sick and lose appetite.
Lowered protein at 26 percent, or so, reduces stress on the kidneys and limits the breakdown of protein in the bloodstream into toxins that make cats feel sick and lose appetite.
If snack time is close to dinner, for instance, a child will most certainly lose appetite when "real" food is served.
I take more than 10 cigarettes per day and if I do not, I lose appetite for food", he said.
Both humans and animals lose appetite and stop eating when sick or wounded.
The vertical integration also enhances our profitability of recently introduced dietary supplement Chews 2 Lose appetite suppressant gum," Gershman said.
Some underwriters will lose appetite for writing fine art business after Sandy, the global capacity for fine art business will shrink, and as a result rates will go up," Guerrini-Maraldi said.
From such reactions we also lose appetite to continue dealing with them," he said.
Those infected by HBV lose appetite, feel tired, and suffer from muscle or stomach pains, accompanied by diarrhoea or vomiting.