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If something in dairy foods helps people lose weight, Zemel's latest research suggests that it's not in cheese.
The best way for an athlete to gain, lose, or maintain bodyweight is by sticking to the basics.
A low-carbohydrate diet may lead to quicker weight loss than a diet designed to cut calories, but don't expect to lose as much as diet books claim.
Once the bacterium loses genes, he points out, it has no way of getting them back.
The book shows you how to avoid "high-risk situations" that can make you lose your resolve, how to "put a lid on emotional eating," how to "do away with anti-exercise excuses," and how to "tell when you need outside help.
So make sure that you drink a lot, whether you're thirsty or not, because if you're exercising, you can lose water and not be aware of it.
Dan eats 2,500 calories a day and doesn't gain or lose weight.
Whether Eat 'n Lose aids weight loss is unclear, because its manufacturer, CCA Industries, has never compared Eat 'n Lose to a placebo.
Furthermore, dieters could be undermining their efforts to lose weight since an estimated 66 percent of dieters in the U.
They've worked very hard for a long time and they don't like to lose.
View it or lose it - Check your digital photos at least once a year to be sure they're still readable.
So, to review: Payton feuds with teammate in 1994, superstar Sonics lose series.
So these plans are not only bad for the bones, but recent studies on milk suggest they could backfire - making it even more difficult to lose those extra pounds.
Frankly, this year is not the year to lose a Pacific-10 Conference game and complain about not making the national-title game.
In contrast, the chemical industry is likely to continue its downward spiral and lose 1,800 more high-paying jobs, according to a report issued by Louisiana State University (LSU) and Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) economists and sponsored by Hibernia National Bank.