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Kamran Nadri, deputy director of the Monetary and Baking Institute, said he thought lopping off zeroes would actually help reduce inflation, though that is not accepted as fact among many economists.
Both Anvil and Bypass design Lopping Shears slice through branches up to 50mm (2") in diameter, weigh just 1040g and have an overall length of 70cm.
Upon receipt of your application the council will inspect the tree, or trees, and advise you as to whether your concerns are correct, and if so, issue written permission for you to carry out specific pruning, lopping or felling work to the trees.
The Bank has discussed lopping off zeroes for years.
That plan would involve lopping both three and four zeros off the current currency.
He told state radio three options were under review: lopping off three zeroes; lopping of four zeros; or adopting a gold standard and making each rial worth 1 percent of a gram of gold, which would convert about 2,500 rials overnight to one rial.