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A MAN who acted as an unofficial tree surgeon and lopped branches off a tall poplar "as a favour" must pay pounds 1,300 for breaching health and safety regulations.
We have had skips overflowing for a month, abandoned cars for eight months and have been requesting our trees to be lopped for eight months.
A father living near Portsmouth lopped three branches from a tree in his garden, a sycamore, because he was afraid for his daughter's safety if they fell.
Summoned to a Bay Area hospital to remove the stubborn accessory from a certain swollen appendage, Paul took a deep breath, leaned in, and lopped off the cock ring with a pneumatic saw.
A TEENAGE fund-raiser lopped off her lovely locks for a cause very close to her heart.
Contact the local planning authority and inquire about the possibility of having a protection order put on the tree to prevent it being felled or lopped. The local planning authority will decide whether an order is necessary, and if they decide that it is, will advertise their intention to impose an order with 28 days' advance notice.
In July 2001, a member of the public reported work had been carried out and an officer found four trees, an oak, a sycamore and two ash trees, had been severely lopped.
ENVIRONMENT: Peggy Morgan, inset, claims her objections to the way the tree were lopped were ignored.