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lop (something) off

To cut something off or away, especially quickly, indelicately, or without finesse. I had been growing my hair out since I was in junior high school, and then one day I decided to lop it all off. The knight lopped off his arm for his insubordination. Will you go out back and lop those branches off the tree? They're obstructing our view of the sea.
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lop something off (of) something

 and lop something off
to chop or cut something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Lop that long branch off the tree before you put the saw away, will you? Please lop off that branch.
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lop off

To cut something off; chop off: The barber lopped my ponytail off. The gardener lopped off the dead branches.
See also: lop, off
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At these higher power settings, we should be far enough ROP or LOP to avoid the so-called "red box," highlighted in Figure 2 at left.
3d was that the cut surface of the LOP sheets in these LOP-rich blends were rough after freeze polishing.
Bill would help appoint a CBI director in the absence of LoP
The opposition Congress which has been vocal on getting the LoP post, questioned the delay in granting the Leader of Opposition's post to his party and also raised fears that the Speaker could be "influenced" by the government.
I'm also gratefulr to the Friendsr of Trinityr Fields who also provr ided v us with additional funding - these new e rooms will allowo pupils to deve e lop their communication m and interactionr and will not onlyl be used by our own w pupils but also by other pupils fromr acrossr the county borough.
Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mahmoud Bahmani announced on Wednesday that a group tasked with working on the Ahmadinejad administration's economic reform plan has approved a proposal to lop three zeros off the Rial.
Later, I found that enriching to 30 degrees LOP would give about 173 KTAS for roughly an extra .
BIG EARS: The lop rabbit when fully grown, will have ears which will reach 28-30 inches' LITTLE WONDER: Steve Hart with an 11-week-old English lop rabbit which has ears measuring 22 inches
Cashmere Lop Non/self u/5 months Dwarf Lop REW adult J Bramley (Upton).
When I wanted to lop a loose branch on a tree in my garden two officials had to come from the local council and hold a solemn meeting underneath before the tree surgeon could remove it.
To head off damage, eyeball the lop area of the moldboard for hard-packed sand.
For my 13th birthday I asked for a rabbit and got a Mini Lop cross buck named "Brown Sox.
The subject of the public contract is the complex provision and realization of 14-day alpine healing and rehabilitation stays ("LOP") for children - insured persons of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic with chronic respiratory diseases for the period 2018-2021, including the provision of pedagogical and medical supervision, Treatment program and ensuring maximum safety for children and under the conditions set out in this public procurement at the venue of the LOP under the terms of this public contract.
THE Congress' claim on the status of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha got a leg up on Friday when the Supreme Court asked the NDA government how it would make key constitutional appointments in the absence of an LoP.