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ITV executives have sent a legal letter saying Looser Women, which launched in November, breaches their copyright and ordering them to stop using the name immediately.
Looser shows HBU as well served under the first two presidents; the quickening pace of change and vision for the future during the first five years of the Sloan presidency suggests great promise and prospects.
But JK is also correct to worry that slower and looser tracks can create more niggling type of injury - there is an inbetween perfection that when I used to work in racecourse management was nirvana.
Burney (1832)--a more interesting book than Helen--deserves more than the sentence Looser gives it.
During the heat of the day, track parts expand and the track runs looser.
Critics who object to the burden such restrictions impose on retailers and consumers note that meth cooks can buy pseudoephedrine pills in states with looser rules.
I try to have my hair longer and looser in the ballet, too, for dramatic effect.
In contrast, the Perchlorate Study Group, an industry consortium that has worked with the EPA and the DOD, proposed a much looser reference dose equivalent to 200 ppb.
The herringbone gears were previously machined in two pieces, which resulted in looser tolerances.
1) bears only scant resemblance to the wide expressive pen strokes and looser composition of Pastoral Landscape (no.
Surprisingly, the Japanese immigration system is somewhat looser toward entering foreign nationals than the US system.
Some looser pavement materials would also limit wheelchair accessibility.
As Kenneth Timmerman has described in detail in Insight magazine, looser export rules have helped Baghdad build its war machine.
Lee said somewhat looser lids would not lead to spoiled food, and called for international torque standards that might put a lid on the problem.
Matt lip colours last longer than shimmer and shine which have a looser consistency.