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Many models with looseness fault involved in previous researches focus on simple Jeffcott rotor system using the lumped mass model and finite element model without regard to the dual-rotor structure of real aeroengine.
I check at the primary access ladder as I descend for looseness and improper assembly.
A vibration signature taken from an appropriate location in a machine can reveal the presence of the following machine defects: Imbalance, misalignment, imperfect foundation, mechanical looseness, rubs, antifriction bearing defects, faults in belt drive, faults in gears, sleeve bearing looseness, oil whirl, blades/vanes defects, local resonances, etc.
There's a looseness to Deeper Dating that gives people freedom in their gender roles.
As he walks, Alfie's muscles ripple with an increased looseness.
One can interpret the images metaphorically--the modernist rigor and the vibrant looseness as, respectively, left- and right-brain versions of visionary thinking, and the balance represented by all the mirroring as an expression of a harmonic or spiritual equilibrium that each approach seeks.
This type of detection provides early warning of typical bearing faults such as cracked races, spalling, brinel-ling, fatigue failure, looseness, and loss of lubrication.
With a mix of rambling looseness, blotchy crudeness, and sheer cartoony grace, Thompson's expressive pen line is the equal of any of cartooning's Old Masters.
Ageing skin is characterised by the appearance of, for example, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, looseness and discoloration.
Deliberately or not, tyro writer-helmer Hawkins has fallen into a curious shorthand form of storytelling that largely dispenses with conventional narrative flow, yet the many jazzlike, improvisatory tap numbers nicely combine looseness with genuine professionalism.
When you hear it, you think of big bands and jitterbug and a looseness of style that went with it.
And this lovely looseness carries over to Cerrudo's own work as a choreographer--an area of endeavor in which he also has begun to enjoy success.
COOLING SYSTEM Frequently check hose connections for leaks, damage or looseness.