loosen (one's) tongue

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loosen (one's) tongue

To cause one to speak uninhibitedly. Often refers to the effect of alcohol. A few drinks will loosen her tongue, and then I'm sure she'll tell me the secret without me even having to ask. I've never met a reporter like Courtney. She can loosen the tongue of even the cagiest politician.
See also: loosen, tongue

loosen somebody’s ˈtongue

make somebody talk more freely than usual: A bottle of wine had loosened Harry’s tongue.
See also: loosen, tongue

loosen (someone's) tongue

To cause (someone) to speak freely or carelessly or to divulge information.
See also: loosen, tongue
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If his Offaly side dump them out of the Leinster Championship tomorrow, he'll probably loosen his tongue.
Touch his tongue with the coals of Your altar in Heaven and loosen his tongue so he speaks of the glory of God
If Bridger had pins stuck in him there is a strong possibility that the agony experienced would soon loosen his tongue.
Even after I tried to loosen his tongue one night by plying him with wine, the secret of the mushrooms remains elusive to me because Gros can hold his tongue and his liquor.
Steve comforts Michelle as the Connors prepare for Paul's funeral, while Jerry suggests Mel buy her grandad a pint to loosen his tongue about the past.