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crazy as a loon

Insane. Often used jocularly. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a loon!
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crazy as a betsy bug

Insane. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a betsy bug!
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*crazy as a betsy bug

 and *crazy as a peach-orchard boar; *crazy as a loon
Rur. acting as if insane. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: Susan says she's really the Queen of England. Bill: She's crazy as a betsy bug. Jill: David's a little eccentric, isn't he? Jane: Crazy as a loon, I'd say. What's wrong with Jim? He's acting as crazy as a peach-orchard boar.
See also: betsy, bug, crazy

crazy as a loon

If you describe someone as crazy as a loon, you mean that their behaviour is very strange or silly. She was obviously crazy as a loon.
See also: crazy, loon
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For Loon, I broke out my big green K2 Sidestashes, fat boards with rocker (reverse camber) in the tip that allows the skis to float easily in soft and deep snow.
The most parsimonious explanation at this time is the loon foot waggle is primarily a comfort movement, but may have some role in attempts by individuals to thermoregulate.
Training, working out, practicing: it's crucial in every endeavour from music to loon flight.
Between the public Loon Lake Recreation Area run by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the north end of the lake and the privately-owned Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort along the southeast side, there are more things to do here than at other lakes of similar size.
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Alphabet frames Project's Loon as a noble endeavor striving to get about 100 million currently unconnected people tapped into the vast reservoir of knowledge, entertainment and conveniences available online.
Van Loon Galleries have a long lasting history of successful collaboration with Rabarama and the exhibition that is now occurring is representative of the Artist's career, with “historical” works along with the newest ones to testimony the most recent creative phase of Rabarama, as Joris van Loon from Van Loon Galleries declares “Rabarama is a major artist for Van Loon Galleries, we always wanted to organize another solo exhibition with her after the successful exhibition in March 2012.