loom large

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loom large

To seem imminent and cause worry or unease. We all started working much faster once the deadline loomed large on the horizon.
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loom large (on the horizon)

Cliché to be of great importance, especially when referring to an upcoming problem, danger, or threat. The exams were looming large on the horizon. Eviction was looming large when the tenants could not pay their rent.
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loom large

Appear imminent in a threatening, magnified form. For example, The possibility of civil war loomed large on the horizon, or Martha wanted to take it easy for a week, but the bar exam loomed large. This term employs loom in the sense of "come into view," a usage dating from the late 1500s.
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ˌloom ˈlarge

(of an important problem, event, etc.) approach and seem worrying or frightening: With the local elections looming large, the Conservative party is beginning to look nervous.In your last year of school, public exams loom very large in your mind.
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References in classic literature ?
Of what benefit may a knowledge of Latin be to one whose doom looms large before him.
THE threat of a national rail strike over Easter looms large as Network Rail revealed it had drawn up contingency plans to deal with a walk-out by thousands of workers.
He's now carved himself a successful media career but almost inevitably when there's talk of Villa, one name always looms large.
As always, the dispute over who assumes financial risk looms large in the construction law business.
On the other hand, as architecture is inextricably linked with memory, the idea of the house looms large in the life of the architect, as much, say, as early trips to the cinema play in the life of the film director.
According to Alperovitz, a period of radical change looms large.
If the imagery of Goya and, less impressively, Victorian fairy painters like John Anster Fitzgerald looms large in the relatively transparent Ideas of Solution, 2005, with its discernible trio of menacing sprites scampering around the head of a recumbent but open-eyed figure, it manifests a malevolence now stripped of moral underpinning.
Maier about the canonical text that looms large in our collective imagination but appears infrequently in the lectionary of mainstream churches.
The sea looms large in black culture from the agonies of the Middle Passage to African dreams and fantasies of a return to their native lands.
whose General Theory of Relativity looms large in this book, spent the last decades of his life trying to find a unified theory of physics, one that would unite everything we know about matter and energy, from the smallest particles to the cosmos on its grandest scale.
As Asian container-board capacities sprint forward against their creeping North American counterparts, China's role looms large.
In each area again the environment looms large, and from that perspective she has much that is suggestive and new to say: thus the traditional long duration and constancy of Venetian government sheds some of its mythic qualities and becomes more dynamic and fluid; the nobility and the cittidini below them become more complex and nuanced; and although the everyday spaces of the city become gendered and dominated by men, we encounter a vibrant urban landscape where networks of relationships stretch well beyond the traditional Renaissance trinity of family, neighborhood, and patronage without denying their significance.
Instead, she looms large throughout the whole film, being called "Mother" by all disciples, and cradling Christ at the end in a soul-stirring Pieta recreation.