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Bigger] looked ahead and saw something huge and round and white looming up in the dark: a bulk rising up sheer from the snow of the roof and swelling in the night, glittering in the glare of the searching knives of light.
Jan had spoken a declaration of friendship that would make other white men hate him: a particle of white rock had detached itself from that looming mountain of white hate and rolled down the slope, stopping still at his feet.
The looming skilled worker shortage is an unwelcome threat to the nation's manufacturing base that needs to be addressed at multiple levels, from better educating the next generation of factory workers to improving the public's image of plant work," said ATS President Jeffrey Owens.
A downgrade for Colombia could be avoided if Colombian authorities articulate a viable plan addressing the looming pension problem and other structural rigidities in public finances early next year.
Furthermore, all these looming materials are organized in a plastic storage case for convenience.
The Kiserena Loom Bands Kit contains a total of 4000 latex-free bands, 170 S-clips, 4 hooks with mini loom, an adjustable bracelet loom board, 10 PVC charms, plenty of beads, and a sheet of basic looming instructions.