loom large

loom large (on the horizon)

Cliché to be of great importance, especially when referring to an upcoming problem, danger, or threat. The exams were looming large on the horizon. Eviction was looming large when the tenants could not pay their rent.
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loom large

Appear imminent in a threatening, magnified form. For example, The possibility of civil war loomed large on the horizon, or Martha wanted to take it easy for a week, but the bar exam loomed large. This term employs loom in the sense of "come into view," a usage dating from the late 1500s.
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ˌloom ˈlarge

(of an important problem, event, etc.) approach and seem worrying or frightening: With the local elections looming large, the Conservative party is beginning to look nervous.In your last year of school, public exams loom very large in your mind.
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Despite his absence from the series, Mayall continues to loom large, as Dan spends much of this run attempting to step from out of his dad's shadow and finally grow up - a task which is far easier said than done for a fortysomething with the mental age younger than that of the children he teaches.
The collapse of property prices nationwide has given rise to two basic principles of home buying, both of which loom large in South Florida.
After the USA, South Africa loom large at Stade de France on Friday week, a game that could decide whether England face Australia or Wales in next month's quarter-finals.
Although her parents loom large in Achsa's life, they are, thankfully, secondary characters in the story and so their joint cliched existence doesn't make much of a dent in the emotive power of the novel.
Every one of them would loom large in the bottom of the 14th, when Hong-Chih Kuo issued a one-out walk - the eighth of the game by Dodgers pitching - that eventually led to Preston Wilson's game-winning, sacrifice fly, scoring Willy Taveras at exactly seven minutes before midnight local time.
The swarms loom large in the lore of the American West, but scientists hadn't worked out the dynamics of what keeps the insects on the move, says Stephen Simpson of the University of Sydney in Australia.
The brain-degrading disease that is contracted through consumption of contaminated flesh has been found in two isolated cases in American cattle, and the threat of mad cow continues to loom large.
Nowhere in the press release for Kelly's show does the word "feminism" appear, but not because it doesn't loom large in the exhibition.
That piece of legislation was granted its second reading last week amid a storm of controversy and continued to loom large in today's debate.
Little Chapel on the River--titled after the locals' affectionate nickname for Guinan's pub--is Bounds's love song to a place where the small human courtesies still loom large.
do not often loom large for those of us charged to preach and teach Mark" and that "some knowledge of the theories about the evangelist and the Gospel's origin is essential" to preach and teach Mark as effectively as possible (p.
As if inflation weren't enough, other macroeconomic factors loom large for China, including China's currency peg--a fixed arrangement between the renminbi (RMB) and the U.
Despite such compromises and shortcomings that loom large to the modern eye, the close alignment of church and state came to be seen as normal and appropriate.
Humanitarian problems now loom large here and unemployment is sky high.
Thousands of decisions big and small loom large anytime a film engages the past.