look bad

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look bad

1. To be distasteful, undesirable, or improper in appearance. Will you please just come to the wedding with me? It will look bad if I show up on my own. I know you don't like having your time as a line cook on your résumé, but it looks bad to have such a large gap of time between jobs.
2. To not bode well for the future; to indicate failure or difficulty. Things are looking pretty bad for the company at the moment, between the recent failure of their latest product and allegations of money laundering being investigated by the FBI. I know it looks bad, but I can fix it before the deadline!
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look ˈbad


not look ˈgood

1 (of behaviour) give a bad impression: It will look bad if you don’t go to the meeting.It doesn’t look good if you forget people’s names.
2 suggest probable failure, problems, etc: Things don’t look good for the economy at the moment.
See also: bad, look
References in classic literature ?
Well," said the Scarecrow, "it certainly looks bad for Ozma, and all of us.
I try to persuade her, and say it looks bad for her to all the neighbours; but she say so it must be.
Miss Ladd and the clergyman had a long talk together yesterday (in private, you know), and they sent for Miss Jethro--which looks bad, doesn't it?
I wear a gold watch and chain, a ring upon my little finger, and a long-tailed coat; and I use a great deal of bear's grease - which, taken in conjunction with the ring, looks bad.
and others, "He's a young 'un, too, but looks bad, don't he?
Lady Dedlock disappeared this afternoon and left a letter for him that looks bad.
he said he had a letter from a passenger on the GRAND MOGUL saying that Roxy came here on that boat and that everybody on board knew all about the case; so he says that her coming here instead of flying to a free state looks bad for me, and that if I don't find her for him, and that pretty soon, he will make trouble for me.
I hope that 'ere trial hasn't broke his spirit, but it looks bad, wery bad.
that looks bad, plane and simple [pounds sterling]e #ua1175 pic.
If going from 4 to 14 incidents in NJ is presented as a 250% increase in a study without giving the actual numbers or mentioning that there were 113 incidents against Jews, it sure looks bad.
Binya said: "Now I have seen the tackle on television and it looks bad, but I can assure you that I did not try to injure anyone.
The problem is not that a particular ad, trade-show display or web page looks bad.
Republicans like Gingrich and Senator Phil Gramm chortle when Congress looks bad.
It just looks bad, real bad, especially to people suspicious that the local and federal criminal investigations of the Hahn administration suggest there's a corruption problem.