look over (one's) shoulder

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look over (one's) shoulder

1. To be vigilant for some danger or harm that one suspects or fears they may encounter. Likened to literally looking over one's shoulder to see what is behind or following them. He may have escaped the police for now, but he'll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.
2. To monitor one's actions, activities, or behavior to ensure it is correct or following a prescribed standard. Major corporations are opposing the legislation, wary of having the government constantly looking over their shoulder.
See also: look, over, shoulder

looking over one's shoulder

Fig. keeping watch for danger or threats to oneself. Bob's a little paranoid. He's always looking over his shoulder.
See also: look, over, shoulder

look over your shoulder

be anxious or insecure about a possible danger.
1990 Daily Star The chief executive…toasted the lifting of the takeover threat. ‘Now they can get on with running the business while not looking over their shoulders,’ says one city analyst.
See also: look, over, shoulder
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It is now Tynemouth who are looking over their shoulder after they lost their relegation scrap with Hetton Lyons by two wickets after failing to defend a modest 136.
And it is now the Synners who are looking over their shoulders after their worst display since being promoted has pitched them back into a relegation fight all over again.
"It's certainly not going to be easy but South North will be looking over their shoulders and thinking they could yet be caught," added Old.
Looking over their shoulders will be Ormesby Hall who completed their fixtures with a six-wicket victory over Dormanstown.